No Frame

Home town?

San diego California

So what kind of guys do you like?

That is a really good question ..The first thing I notice about a guy is probably his style in clothing, and the way he carries himself. Next would be what he is doing with his life... I want a guy who can grow with me not just me growing.

What turns you on?

mmmm what turns me on ..let me think.... Nice teeth for sure and a man who really knows how to treat and touch me. I loved to be touched

! but only if Iam on that level with you!

What is your favorite part of your body?

My favorite part would have to be my shoulders or my big boooottttyyyy

Durring foreplay what do you like to be done to you?

Great question, I definitely liked to be teased ..grab my hair hold my wrist down and kiss all over my body until I beg you to give it to me!

Sounds like you like it a little rough?

hmmm all I can say is it all depends on what mood I am in to how I want it..

So there is a wild side.. What is one of the wildest things you have done?

wildest thing ... Lick ice cream off of this girls pierced nipples.

Nathina Raquell

From: Tuscaloosa , Alabama


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